Sunday, May 16, 2010

A few random things about me

~ I am a native Texan who now lives in North Carolina
~ I am the mother to the kid, who is 7
~ I have been married for 9 years
~ I have a soap making business (check out slide show to the left for pictures of some of my designs)
~ I am 4'11 and 1/2 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
~ I want a pet pig and I would name it bacon.
~ I have a twisted sense of humor
~ I am very strong minded and an independent thinker. People seem annoyed by this for some reason....and it amuses me.
~ My favorite meal is chicken fried steak. No one here can make it right...or even at all.
~ We bought our first house three years ago. I have never lived in an owned house, I grew up in apartments.
~ I miss the beautiful roadsides of Texas spring- especially bluebonnets.
~ I have a BS in Psychology. What am I doing with it? Cleaning the church. Hey that is better than nothing!
~ We have two cats, Jojo and Sophie and a bunny, Alice. All are rescues.
~ I love to read and study different subjects. Sadly, now a days, I just do not have the time or attention span.
~ I grew up for most of my child as a strict fundamentalist. I HATED those ugly denim skirts/ jumpers and my long split end, stringy hair. They day before I started Highschool- I gave that all up, cut my hair into a bob, threw the skirts/ jumpers away and found a less legalistic church.
~ I am all about loving and saving the earth.
~ I am an unapologetic liberal...christian, too. Imagine that!
~ I hear thunder right now and it is making me miss the house rattling thunder from home.  It is not REAL thunder if it does not make you jump out of your skin!

That is about it for now. I am just your average Jane boring person. ;)

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  1. I just recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed your viewpoints.

    In reading through your list, I realize we have a lot in common. I have been married three times (plus) longer and have three times the number of children, but I did live in Texas until I was six (we moved there when I was a small baby). My memories of Texas are that it is beautiful in the spring.

    I am much taller and don't care to have a pig, but I we have two (rescue) cats, too (but no bunny). I have a twisted sense of humor and aggravate people regularly with my tendancy toward independent thinking. I don't make anything, though, except dinner - LOL. I started out as a psychology major, but switched to business admin, as I only wanted to put in the four years.

    I read a wide variety of subjects, and have more time to read now that my children are grown/nearly grown. I grew up in a strict fundamentalist home/culture, as well, and long ago put away the skirts and stringy hair, too - and a lot of the culture. I hate legalism, and consider it to be an example of the "other" gospel that Paul referred to in Galatians.

    I am a liberal Christian, as well, although most of our Christian friends would describe themselves as conservative. They [mostly] still love me. Sometimes the word "liberal" is tossed at my feet, meant as some sort of insult. However, I pick it up and wear it proudly.

    Thanks for sharing about yourself!