Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sometimes the sermon or lesson in Bible study on Sunday morning is so very timely.

Our adult Bible study group is reading through the book Crazy Love by Frances Chan.  This week was Chapter two: You may not finish this chapter. The reason is not because you will be 'convicted' or it may contain things that you don't want to is because you may die before you do so.  What a sobering thought!

Our life is but a vapor.

Some recent events highlight this all too sadly. Who among the campers in Arkansas had a clue that as they laid down to sleep in their tents, cabins, and campers that night would be their last? I imagine that they all went to sleep that night with eager anticipation of what the morning may bring; hiking, marshmallow roasts, fishing, swimming in the river, or whatever else they had plans for. I can't imagine that any of them gave a passing thought that they would be swept away in a freak flash flood.

Even closer to home, just yesterday-after graduation, a young life was struck down in a car accident. Who would have guessed as this young woman receiving her high school diploma she would be dead just a few short hours later?  One minute celebrating success and hoping for the future, the next gone.

How often do we wake up and seriously think that this day could be our last? When we get in the car for a run to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk, how many ponder the fact that they may never make it back home? How would our lives change if we pondered our sudden death more often? How would we live, what legacy would we strive to leave behind? How would we leave our loved ones as we step out the door? How would we be ready to meet God?

As further reminder of the vapor of our lives, I got my very first Morning Glory bloom today (pictured above). Morning glories bloom in huge, beautiful flowers then slowly fade, curl up and die...all in a matter of hours.

Remember to live your life to the fullest because you never know when your moment will come.